How to Help Children Deal with Loss

When it comes to dealing with the loss of a loved one, it is important to understand that everyone deals with the grief that comes with it. It is important to note that children have many questions and confusing of death that most adults may have. With that, their questions deserve simple answers that are easy to comprehend.

Here’s how to help children deal with loss.

Show support according to their development level

Children’s perception of loss and grief has to be understood according to their levels of development. With any sign of loss, there can be different meanings to children of all ages. Try to figure out how this loss is affecting your children and what they feel about the lost.

Support and dispel their fears

Children may be faced with countless fears, as they are often afraid of what is to come next. Most children often become afraid that someone else they love may also die soon or even himself or herself. However, it is up to adults to provide reassurance and understand their fears. Every child is terrified of being abandoned. That is why it is important to provide your children with the security of feeling that they will be well cared for in all their needs.

Support their grief

Every child will have some sort of response to dealing with grief. Instead of assuming that we understand everything they are feeling, we must allow them to lead the way. Children share their grief with only people they trust. As adults, we must learn to respectfully communicate, show acceptance, and understand their sense of grief in order to provide meaningful support.

Be sure to avoid all half-truths and be honest with your children and yourself. Aim to answer all questions with honesty and accept their response. They may turn to crying or whining, which may add to your already emotional stress. However, make it your mission to help them cope and be sensitive to such opportunities of asking children how they feel.

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